Thursday, November 13, 2008

Learn SEO, Homestead Website Optimization Techniques

If you want to learn SEO and how to apply it to your Homestead website this is the best tutorial for getting excellent search engine optimization results using the SiteBuilder.

Get Top Rankings With Google

The SEO Extreme video series is specifically designed for Homestead website optimization.

The tutorial includes:

- Two videos recorded inside ot the SiteBuilder
- One audio explaining what SEO is comprised of and also how to work with Keywords
- PDF or Word text files. This is a quick guide that you follow when you are
creating your website pages.

Designed For Homestead Users

SEO Extreme Video Series

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Every thing that you need to know in order to get high rankings with the major search engines. I have been studying optimization specifically as it relates to working with a Homestead website. There are certain things that must be done correctly or else your pages wont be seen by the search engines.

Here's a list of some possibilities of what you may be doing wrong.

1) Are you using the built-in navigation feature in SiteBuilder?
2) Do your URL names,internal links, external links, titles, content, meta descriptions, and keywords all complement one another?
3) Do you have a sitemap? IF so, have you registered it with Google?
4) Have you learned about Google's page ranking system yet?
5) Are you using the apply to all feature in the "properties editor?"

Recorded Inside Of SiteBuilder

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The answers to how all of the above need to be done are inside of the tutorials that we have at our

When you purchase the SEO tutorial for your Homestead website you will quickly learn techniques that the pros us to get top ranking.